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PNEUMATIC TUBE SYSTEM Supply, Design, Engineering, Installation, Testing and Commissioning, Until Hand-over of PTS.


Ministry of Public Works - SPA and Ministry of Health

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Kuwait Arab Contractors

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Kuwait Arab Contractors have awarded to Maceen Al-Sharq Co. (formerly known as Hazem & Bros. Co.) and its partner Sumetsberger to design, supply and install a complete Pneumatic Tube System will all 90pcs. pneumatic station, 7 blower exchange lines, up to date Central control and monitoring PC amd approx. 2,500M of stainless steel network tubes. covering 1200beds of the entire hospital facilities.

The project was awarded 2010  and completed then handed over to Ministry of Health on February 2017.

As of now the system is the biggest Pneumatic Tube System installed and operating in Kuwait. The system can be easily integrated to the laboratory and pharmacy automation in the future.

With this state-of-art system available in the hospital, the doctors, nurses and other medical staff can now focus to a more pressing and important task of giving premium care to their patients.