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PNEUMATIC TUBE SYSTEM Supply, Design, Engineering, Installation, Testing and Commissioning, Until Hand-over of PTS.


Kuwait Oil Company

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Sayed Hamid Behbehani Co.

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Maceen Al-Sharq Co. (formerly known as Hazem & Bros. Co.) was awarded the complete design, supply and installation of Pneumatic tube system for KOC New Ahmadi Hospital.

The Pneumatic Tube System is composed of 52pcs. soft drop pneumatic station with special 2pcs. quad type station in the main laboratory. Also the system uses 6″ dia. Galvanized tube and bends, having 8 blower exchange  lines  and the latest power control XL all-in-one.

The project was awarded 2011  and completely handed over to Kuwait Oil Company and Ministry of Health on June 2017.

The system provides automated transportation and distribution of centralized laboratory and pharmacy to different healthcare sections and wards of KOC New Ahmadi Hospital. The system can be easily integrated to the laboratory and pharmacy automation in the future.