Hawally - Kuwait


Supply, Design & Installation of 1. Sensory Integration Room 2. Two flights Rehabilitation Stairs 3. Trampoline 4. Tilt board 5. Swing Bolster 6. Rock Wall 7. Ladder climb 8. Rocking Boat – steps 9. Concertina Mate 10. balance Sphere

  • Sensory Integration Room, Two flights Rehabilitation Stairs , Trampoline , Tilt board, Swing Bolster , Rock Wall, Ladder climb, Rocking Boat – steps, Concertina Mate and balance Sphere.
  • Two flights Rehabilitation Stairs, Natural birch wood training stairs are ideal for lower body strengthening exercises. Available in three models, each with non-slip treads.
  • Trampoline, This trampoline is the perfect addition to any sensory room or play environment. It creates instant fun, but is extremely safe and compact. Due to its size it is able to fit into tight corners and the matting around it keeps anyone using it safe.
  • Tilt board, 4-Way Tilt Board with carry handle is designed from birch plywood to use in standing or seating for a variety of balance challenges and use independently with assistance or for high-level activities like catching a ball combined with balance training. Tilt board includes 15 in square surface that can be wiped easily and is able to hold maximum weight up to 200 lbs.
  • Swing Bolster, Our Swing Bolsters are used for vestibular stimulation and is suspended from a single point from the ceiling or our structural frame.
  • Rock Wall, This Rock Wall is a brilliant way to encourage interaction with others whilst improving motor skills, cause and effect, shape recognition, turn taking and a whole host of other skills which are important to development.
  • Ladder climb, Develop coordination, balance and basic climbing skills with the Ladder climb
  • Rocking Boat – steps, Two units in one!
    A great vestibular activity for two children, turn it over and the rocking boat becomes a sturdy set of stairs to use for motor planning activities.
  • Concertina Mate,
  • balance Sphere, Wooden, circular balance board with non-slip top. Plywood. It is recommended that socks/shoes be worn as surface is intentionally bristly.