Dubai U.A.E.


UNICAR SYSTEM — ELECTRONIC TRACK VEHICLE Engineering & Start-up, Testing & Commissioning and Maintenance of Unicar System.


Department of Civil Aviation Government of Dubai

Projects completion date


Maceen Al-Sharq Co. and Swisslog-Telelift  have designed, supplied and installed Unicar System in  the    project Dubai International Airport Expansion Phase II – Cargo Mega Terminal for the Department of Civil Aviation of Dubai Government..

The system consists of two stations: one in landside office in first floor and other one in data room air side of the airport which is connected by a 350 meters of track profile.

The System used is the Telelift EMK-III control which is a fully electronic system with distributed intelligence to control a small scale conveying system. It consists of tracks and containers administered, controlled and supervised by a system of decentralized control system.