PNEUMATIC TUBE SYSTEM Supply, Design, Engineering, Installation, Testing and Commissioning, Until Hand-over of PTS.


National Cooperative Projects Committee

Projects completion date


The installed 6” pneumatic tube system of Cardiac Hospital is composed of 11  recessed stations. Stations are constructed with built-in case to suit the architectural requirement of the building.

The system is unique as the whole tubing network uses stainless steel tube which is one of its kind in the history of pneumatic tube installation.

Maceen Al-Sharq Co. scope of work includes supply of materials, project engineering & management, installation, testing & commissioning, warranty (2years) of pneumatic tube system.

After receiving the approval for MAS Co. immediately coordinated with the MEP subcontractor and to other trade subcontractor to generate the construction drawings as well as the material approvals.

The system was tested & commissioned on August 2006 and approved by the engineers from the consultants. The project were approved  and handed over to Ministry of health;

As well as conducted Training to end-users & hospital engineers