Mubarak Al-Abdullah - Kuwait


Supply, Design, engineering & Installation of 1. Multisensory Interactive Learning Environment (M.I.L.E Room) 2. E-Fun Table

Al Kharafi activity kids center work hard to ensure their right among all children with diverse abilities, and constantly undergo self development to create a joyful, hopeful, safe and adventurous atmosphere.

Maceen Al Sharq was supply the first sensory M.I.L.E room in kuwait as donation to al kharafi activity kids center To be a participant in the happiness of the children and to be involved in the beneficial information that can help the disabled children and to improve their attitude and performance.

  • M.I.L.E Room, is the latest sensory room technology , The M.I.L.E allows you to create scenarios on any theme to reward or calm a user. Create a reward that encourages a user to activate a switch or make a theme that designed to relax and calm.
  • E-Fun Table, is a powerful tool that facilitate learning with small groups collaboration . The multi touch function support max 4 users to interact simultaneously.