A versatile, soft, durable, sleep and relaxation space for anyone who may be unsafe in an ordinary room.

Who it’s for

The Safespace is designed for those with autism, epilepsy, behaviours which challenge and profound multiple learning difficulties, including for those with full mobility. It provides an extremely robust space that can be kicked, punched and head-butted. It can withstand the roughest treatment by both children and adults. It provides a space in which someone can sleep, move, roll or play freely, reducing the risk of injury by eliminating hard surfaces.


A Safespace can make a huge difference when a person has safety issues, poor sleep patterns or behavioural difficulties. It can provide a safe play space, sleeping space or a calm area. Families often report a big improvement in the life and well-being of the person using it and a positive impact on the whole family.

A Safespace creates a low stimulation environment which can help with settling at bedtime and improve sleep patterns. It can also provide a safer environment for those who continue to wake at night.

Sensory room

With the option of a white wall and lighting effects, such as our fibre optics kit or special effects projector, the Safespace makes an ideal sensory room.

 Independence & privacy

A separate space to be on your own, to express feelings, especially when upset or agitated, can often be denied to those who need high levels of supervision. A Safespace provides a safe private space, particularly important during the teenage years. This personal space can support the development of behaviour self-management.

Family life

Having a member of the family with challenging behaviour can be difficult for everyone. Siblings, as well as carers, may have their sleep disturbed or be at risk of injury. The Safespace can enable a family to have a more balanced everyday life. It has been described by parents as bringing ‘peace of mind’ into the family home.


Each Safespace is custom-made, with a door and window, aligned with the door and window of your own room. This allows for the use of curtains, light fittings, radiators and electric sockets, television, music and sensory equipment. This helps to create a light airy, comfortable space, much more attractive and versatile than room padding.

The walls of the Safespace are positioned 25cm away from any hard surfaces and flex out on impact, removing the risk of injury from hard surfaces, such as walls, radiator, in the room. There needs to be 25cm clearance on each of the four sides of the Safespace to allow the walls to flex out safely.