A versatile, strong and comfortable high-sided bed on a height-adjustable base

Who it’s for?

The Safespace Hi-Lo is suitable for both adults and children who require nursing care and due to their behaviours, need to be kept safe from the hard surfaces of a bed or from falling out of bed.

This product is ideal for someone of limited mobility but maybe demonstrating strong or self-injurious behaviours, seeking out hard surfaces, such as headbanging.

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A Safespace Hi-Lo creates a safe, low stimulation environment that helps to improve sleep patterns, providing a safer environment for those who might be at risk of harm from the hard surfaces or bars in alternative bed.


  • The Safespace Hi-Lo has ‘flex-out’ sides that absorb impact when pushed against.
  • To ensure the safety of the user, the bed requires a clearance of 25cm from any hard surface.
  • There are no moving parts or hard surfaces inside the Safespace compartment providing a soft, safer sleeping area.
  • The bed is a contained unit and when inside the user has no access to the bed base beneath.
  • The bed has a travel range of 40cm. At its lowest position, the height from the floor to the bed base is 43cm and at its highest position, it is 83cm.
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