Pneumatic Tube Systems (PTS) enable fast, efficient and reliable on-demand transport for the special needs of healthcare, retail, industry, and administrative sectors.

Our systems are designed for the transport of lab samples and pharmaceuticals, cash, documents, small parts and countless other applications.

Also Sumetzberger PTS is the only pneumatic tube system that is capable of full integration with automated laboratory and pharmacy through its patented automatic load and unload pneumatic stations.



  • Fast, reliable and accurate transport enabled by advanced technology
  • Safety and security in transport and distribution
  • Lower costs with cost-effective automation
  • More time and productivity because personnel does not waste time running unnecessary errands



Whenever somebody’s health is at stake, a quick and efficient management is decisive. With a pneumatic tube system, laboratory samples, units of stored blood or patients’ files reach their destination more quickly. This enables the medical staff to spend more time on the patients’ care.

Special requirements of hospital is considered such as hygiene and a safe, careful transport, and very importantly the system prohibits bacteriological transmission through the  air outlet.


The main criterion in the transport of money is safety.

Cash tube systems can fulfill this demand in various ways: In single-direction systems large sums of money may be removed from the cash area. Bi-direction systems can also provide change for the cash area. And in order to avoid uncertainty, each sending  be documented.



Pharmacies do a vital job. Therefore, it is utterly important that the pharmacist may dedicate his entire attention to the client rather than losing his time while fetching medicines.

In addition, there is another crucial advantage: The store may now be separated from the dispensary and become located in another part of the building. For it is clear that a bigger sales floor can be used more efficiently.


In order to prevent your staff from burning its fingers, a pneumatic tube system may transport hot or liquid samples to the laboratory, as well as small parts or tools between the warehouse and the assembly shop.

The automatic loading and unloading system guarantees safe and hygienic working conditions in every modern industrial plant.



In a bank, a pneumatic tube system can carry out a whole variety of tasks: It may provide for the money supply of the cashiers, thus granting the bank staff more safety and more time for their customers.

By transporting documents, it can also speed up administration. And it facilitates drive-in banking for out-of-hours transactions.



The heart of every administrative department is in its documents.

A pneumatic tube system will deliver way-bills, maps, papers or office supplies. It cares for a quick and continuous transport between offices, departments or even different buildings.

The economical benefits can be encouraged also in the case of smaller enterprises such as medical centers with various practices.