Funtronic Floor is an unusual interactive education tool dedicated to education, exercises, and motion games. Fun and learning with this interactive floor develop in children large motility, visual-motion coordination, perception, and responsiveness.


  • Funtronic Floor is an integrated motion sensor system that includes a projector, computer, and interactive floor.
  • Its functionality enables a wide range of applications in any room, on light and smooth surface. The image displayed on the floor creates a virtual “Funtronic Floor”, where pre-school and school children are going through the great adventure, starting with games and motion activities till cognitive education from all areas of knowledge.
  • A child at play integrates into its course through the movement of hands or feet. The size of the displayed image depends on the height of the suspension of the device over the floor and is typically similar to a rectangle with the dimension of a 2 x 3 meters. The advantage of this unique on the market education tool is the extraordinary easiness of use just with a remote control pilot – similar to handling the household TV.
  • Funtronic Floor strengthens other educational methods through the usage of new technologies in connection with traditional educational methods of teaching. It uses a natural need for fun and “right effect” in learning which means that it strengthens a positive impact after completing the task. The Funtronic Floor assumes directing the attention of the child to educational content through stimulating the senses of sight, hearing, and system of praise (by sounds and pictures).
  • Funtronic Floor is used when working with children with special needs. Sets of games include content in line with the core curriculum so they can support teachers with children of different ages.


  • A Funtronic Floor is a multimedia aid attractive for children during their rehabilitation, whose purpose is to improve disorders of impaired development and intellectual skills. It can be used to work with several methods, like the method of Felicia Affolter.
  • A Funtronic Floor works perfectly in education at schools for children with special needs (in Experience-the-world Rooms), as well as in all medical centers (as a support tool in neurological rehabilitation of children), and in centers for aged people (a therapy for aged people suffering from, for example, senile dementia)