Electronic Track Vehicle Systems enable high performance transport with self-disinfecting containers for u pto15kg loads, it safely processes all the transportation needs of a hospital logistics environment with:

  • 24 h / 7 days operation
  • 99% system availability, and
  • 100% traceability


  • 10X More safer
  • Payload up to  15kgs.
  • Transport volume of up to 4 liters
  • 100% traceability of transported goods
  • Trolley of anti-bacterial coating



Telelift UniCar is the perfect solution for providing fast and reliable transport between operating rooms, laboratories, pharmacies, storage areas, and wards in hospitals. Telelift UniCar is a high-performance electric track vehicle system with containers for 10 kg and 15 kg loads for all of the transportation needs of a hospital’s logistics environment. The system is tamper-resistant and 100 % process monitored.


Telelift provides a customised transport logistics solution for every type of library. We create free space for your important library activities and relieve you of all the transport and sorting work. As a classic application, the Telelift system is installed behind the book issue and return desk where it takes over the transport services to the repository and reading rooms. Our futuristic UniSortCar technology is a more modern solution: from the return stations, the media is automatically placed into the UniSortCar transport vehicles, which navigate to the target destination in the repositories using the library software


The UniCar system offers maximum security for internal transportation. It is especially suitable for the delivery of sensitive documents and information that needs to be protected if e-mails are too insecure or courier and messenger services cannot guarantee that confidential documents will be delivered safely.

The use of UniCar is advantageous in cases where documents have to be manually signed or initialed by several people or when paperwork has to  pass through many departments.