This package’s UV glow and contrasting colours provide an exciting sensory experience suitable for all users, including those with visual impairments. The variety of textures on the UV tactile disc are great for low vision users, and also help develop an understanding of different textures in those both hyper- and hypo-sensitive to touch. With a UV take on some of our most popular sensory products, this room also comes with a black pop-up tent in which to hide away with the resource box’s light-up toys and maximize their effects. To Uses Cause and Effect, Colour Recognition, Concentration, Development of Choice, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Hand/Eye Coordination, Interaction & Relaxation, Number Recognition, Social Interaction, Storytelling, Switching Skills, Theming, Tracking Skills, Turn-Taking, Tactile.

Sensory dark rooms are also sometimes referred to as UV rooms or UV blacklight rooms. For users with visual impairments, who would ordinarily not experience much visual stimulation, a dark sensory room provides an exciting, novel experience as the products in the room glow spectacularly under UV light.

Dark rooms can be extremely useful for undertaking visual assessments and helping occupational therapists to understand the extent of a user’s visual ability. From there, they can then be used to develop visual processing, tracking skills and hand-eye co-ordination. The increased level of reward can really encourage users to learn and interact.

Dark rooms should be painted in a dark colour, usually very dark blue rather than black. They should be finished with blackout blinds to enable the UV and white-coloured contrasting products in the room to glow under UV light and provide stark contrasts.

Please contact us to speak to one of our sensory advisors about how an Experia UV dark room can help your users. As well as the two UV Dark Room packages listed below, We also provide a wide range of additional UV dark room products to enhance your dark sensory room. Whether you are creating a room at home or within an establishment, we have ample experience when it comes to dark rooms. To find out about the previous UV rooms we’ve helped develop and create, check out our case studies.

Chiaroscuro includes:

      • 1.5m Superactive Bubble Tube & Black Controller
      • Black Curved Bubble Tube Plinth (900mm x 900mm x 400mm)
      • 2x Curved Acrylic Mirrors (0.9m x 1.5m)
      • Aurora LED Projector Bundle
      • Superactive Fibre-optic Cascade & Black Controller
      • UV Tactile Disc
      • Black Musical Touchwall
      • UV Lightline
      • Black Superactive UV Fibre-optic Softie & Controller
      • UV Lumiglow panel with torch
      • UV Resource Box
      • Black Pop-up Tent
      • UV Par Can Light
      • UV Strip Light
      • Bluetooth Amplifier with Gesture Control
      • Wall-mounted Speakers
      • Bubble Tube Wall Bracket
      • Bubble Tube Additive (BCB)
      • Bubble Tube Emptying Kit with Footpump
      • Instruction Manuals