A robust high-sided sleep and relaxation area, which can be easily dismantled and stored.

Who it’s for

The Cosyfit is designed for individuals with limited mobility and is robust enough for adults and children who may rock, thrash about, push or kick. The Cosyfit also creates a soft safe environment for those who may otherwise be restricted to a wheelchair.


It is used mainly as a safe bed for those at risk of falling or hurting themselves on metal or wooden bed surrounds.  Its soft, high sides, open top and large viewing panel create a comfortable sleep area.

The large viewing panel on one or both sides allows light in and creates a sense of space whilst allowing the user to watch television or enjoy sensory equipment. This also helps with communication and reduces the feeling of isolation or containment experienced by those in high sided beds.

Users will often seek it out at other times too, to relax or play – a place to feel safe in. The Cosyfit provides much-needed peace of mind for carers and parents, reducing anxieties about injuries from falls, rolling and seizures. Noise levels are reduced as there are no hard surfaces.

The Cosyfit can be quickly and easily dismantled for storage, making it ideal for respite centres and care homes. The Cosyfit opening panels must be positioned at least 46cm away from any wall or other hard surfaces.


  • 3 reinforced padded side panels and 1 opening side with a mattress as standard
  • Can be pushed against a wall where space is limited
  • Front panel can be fully opened and fastened to the side, providing a large open area
  • The low floor makes it easy to step into
  • Easy to dismantle and store
  • Can be used with a ceiling track hoist or adapted for use with a mobile hoist


Internal dimensions 183cm x 91cm

External dimensions (single bed size) 198cm x 109cm

Mattress depth 15cm

Available in a range of heights (sides of the bed): 90cm, 106cm, 120cm 147cm (depending on the needs of the individual)

The Cosyfit opening panels need to be positioned at least 46 cm away from any wall or other hard surface.