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Late Abdullah Sultan Al-Kulaib (May god forgive him) who was a businessman with high vision, paved the way to a new world of commerce in the State of Kuwait and was the founding president of ASAK Group (Abdullah Sultan Al-Kulaib Group) born in 1920 in the old city of Kuwait – the third wall in Al-Qibla neighborhood. His grandfather, Late Sultan bin Ibrahim Al-Kulaib (May god forgive him) who was a prominent figure in Kuwaiti society, was the director of the Public Works Department as well as the mayor of Kuwait, and he died in 1952, He had been linked to the emergence of the first era of electricity in the State of Kuwait.

Father Abdullah Sultan Al-Kulaib, who completed his primary education in the State of Kuwait, spent a good time in childhood with the late Emir His Highness Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. He completed his education in the English language in the State of Bahrain. He accompanied his father, Sultan bin Ibrahim Al-Kulaib, may God have mercy on his soul buried in Mumbai famous in India and this renowned place for all trades for the Study.

There is a difference between making money for himself and creating wealth for others, this is the story of the house of the merchant who created wealth for his mother, it is a story of struggle, adventure and achievement, this story is one of our leaders.

  • In 1945 – The genius was in starting out with household products, He imported goods from London (UK) and India, and he was uncompromising about the quality of the products he was carrying from these countries.
  • In 1965 – Um Al-Aish Engineering Services Company was launched, which was mainly specialized in general construction of electric towers, carrying the distribution of current high voltage from power stations to substations, which was one of the booming business areas at that time in the State of Kuwait.
  • In 1972 -Established Al Kulaib Company for Security and Safety, a joint company between ASAK Group (Abdullah Sultan Al Kulaib Group) and Cerberus AG in Switzerland, and the State of Kuwait was chosen to be the regional office for the Middle East and North Africa to implement activities in the countries of the Middle East region.
  • In 1975 – Established the Khyber Restaurant Company where the initiation of the cuisine of Indian and Asian tastes is specialized for refined foods serving as a specific gateway to the country of India and its rich heritage with all modern comforts for gourmets.

Father Abdullah Sultan Al-Kulaib was same like his father, Sultan bin Ibrahim Al-Kulaib. He was always a race of social interest that was heart to heart with the needy brothers in his motherland, the Islamic world. Uncle Abdul Rahman Salem Al-Ateeqi, may God prolong his life, organized for the people with the Social Counseling Association, which is now called the Social Reform Association, in order to improve people’s social awareness.

In 1980 – The love for spreading the Islamic banking method in the world, the way was paved for launching an innovative Islamic bank, and accordingly it was established in Luxembourg and Denmark, as these were the first two Islamic banks in the European continent and the Arab world.

In 1962 -In the view of his creativity, he was appointed as an Undersecretary for the Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone, and during his period he undertook many vital and important projects such as a new communications center, the establishment of the Umm Al-Aish station for satellite communication and the connection of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries began with cable Communications, and was a member of the Board of Directors of Kuwait Airways Cooperative for nearly 15 years.

M’mar Khayber Restaurants Company is located in Hawalli area, Beirut Street, and enjoys the reputation of being among one of the finest popular restaurants in Kuwait, which is considered the jewel in the crown of the State of Kuwait for the hospitality industry, because it provides an atmosphere of warmth, elegance and real hospitality and is run by Mr. / Mohamed Akbar He is one of the very old popular and friendly faces for many years in the Indian restaurant industry in the State of Kuwait.

The name “Khaybar” originated from the Khyber Pass – an ancient passage in the Indian subcontinent. No other corridors in the world are like this corridor in terms of strategic importance. Even many historical societies – Aryan, Persian, Greek, Tatars, and the Afghan Mongol invaders, arrived through the Khyber Pass, leaving their mark on the land and the people. Who were nomads.

The secret of cooking lies in the excellent quality of meat and chicken and just a slight touch of spices. The restaurant of Khyber Company always provides good food that is heart-healthy, and the personal service of the staff is their motto.

After the responsibility in the high and official positions of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications and a member of government institutions, his mission became to transform his ideas into an exceptional reality, and it was realized when he was invited by a highly professional company, Cerberus AG, Switzerland to start a joint project, which is Cerberus, the regional office to look into fire protection activities for Cerberus AG. The Middle East region was established in 1972.

  • In 1977 – Cerberus Regional Office was later called Genena Ltd., but the activity is as it is.
  • In 1984 – Cerberus AG decided to divide the countries of the Middle East region into agencies, and accordingly the Genena Company Limited – Egypt, while the Al-Kulaib Corporation took the State of Kuwait. 
  • In 1984 the company was focusing more on the Kuwait market due to the growth that was for the infrastructure projects.

Al-Kulaib Company is a leading company in business and fire protection and is still the market leader with the first contractor classification among (5) the two approved chiefs in the State of Kuwait – the General Fire Department.

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When ASAKG fully grown in the Department of Engineering, and trade diversified health care market. Global awareness through the World Health Organization to strengthen the presence of a trend in all over the world to focus on health care facilities in a manner separate with advanced technologies in health care services. Government and private companies began to give more emphasis in this area. Grown this wave of change for the ASAKG team members as well.

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In 1990 – Maceen Al Sharq Co. (formally known as Hazem & Bros.) came up with an innovative idea to move robotic systems inside healthcare buildings, and Hazem Bros. Company secured the first request with the Ministry of Public Health to design, engineer, supply and guide new automated vehicles (AGV) for Al-Sabah Hospital – Psychiatry. The company is proud to be the largest AGV system in the Middle East, which consists of (8) AGV vehicles, and this was the second project of Kuwait projects after Al-Razi Hospital with the AGV system and (2) vehicles.

1 – Pneumatic tube system
2 – small cart.
3 – the vehicle carrier.

  • In 2002 – MAS Company in the State of Kuwait succeeded in transferring awareness from the health care system by pointing a finger towards the air tube system. In 2002, it successfully completed the installation of two evaluation system at Al-Adan Hospital in State of Kuwait and Al-Wasl Hospital in Dubai – UAE in the same year.
  • In 2004 – MAS Company made its first big order from Dallah Hospital in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – as well as Sheikh Rashid Hospital – New Emergency and Trauma Center in Dubai – UAE in the same year. The company signed a contract for Dr. Tariq Cosmetic Surgery Center in the Kingdom of Bahrain also in the same year.
  • In 2008 – MAS Company rehabilitated the system and felt proud when it received the call to renew the system at Sheikh Jaber Hospital for the Kuwaiti Armed Forces, where the small vehicle (Uni – Car / Inter – car), which was installed 30 years ago, was a good idea and was extended at the time. Building length. 

MAS has the experience and engineering skill to replace all electronic parts as well as trolley containers with the latest technology from German industry. The system was restored to its best quality in November 2009.

The company focuses on diabetes, which is the silent killer that has been spreading its paradise in society more than any other killer disease. Hazem Bros. saw to make the community as well as the authorities aware of this, and the focus began on people’s health awareness. It was taken into account that the company secured highly important imported products from the global market to obtain public health care.

Pronto Dry (pronto Dry)

Pronto Dry H. pylori diagnosis tests , pronto slices have recently been tested, sliced dry Alpronto Report may be faster in the final reading, and ready for use, and that can be stored at room temperature. The aim of this study was to assess the diagnostic accuracy and response time really Prontodry versus liquid phase rapid urea test, before and after treatment of Helicobacterpylori disease.

Aoti therapeutic device

AOTI company was founded a decade of experience in providing innovative solutions for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds. With being one of the leading companies in the International Management Group, Large-scale infrastructure all over the world, , got a patent on innovative technology, The portfolio of large and growing body of clinical evidence, the company is in a unique position to bring about a revolution in the treatment of all all types of advanced wounds with the Oxygen therapy device. (AOTI) is dedicated to providing advanced products for wound care that can help in the treatment of all types of wounds on the outskirts of the human body, Including: chronic (diabetes, pressure ulcers and venous) and acute (postsurgical, cosmetic, and burns) wounds.

A Smart Scope Device

 The device is considered a revolution that can be used in general terms as a digital or medical camera as a dedicated inspection tool with three lenses, the pupil, ear and skin. The device can visualize the back of the eye, and it can detect whether there is a black spot or not. This is very useful because black spots can cause blindness. The device enables the patient to be documented through digital pictures and videos that can be transferred to a computer. This device enables easy consultation, accurate first diagnosis, coordination, follow-up and treatment – all of which lead to more efficient and systematic patient care.


I – Care is a reliable and high-precision product. Its accuracy can be deduced in measuring in any circumstance, whether it is in the hands of experienced and experienced people.

 Plus Optix device

Plus Optics is a microscopic hand for eye refraction and simplifies the initial examination of infants. The device can also be used to check eyesight for all ages, and it can be used on infants at 6 months and young adults to detect risks of amblyopic injury. The program automatically compares measured results with referral standards and provides immediate results.


It is a medical device that measures pelvic muscle contraction pressure and is used to treat incontinence, vaginal relaxation and sexual dysfunction. It is suitable for Kegel practice and is effective in strengthening the pelvic muscles by doing the 4Channel3- (4Channel3-) biofeedback study, training, treatment and treatment with probe, headphone, and liquid crystal display (instructions are available in several languages Arabic and English).

Consumers, hospitals and operating rooms

This section focuses on all consumer products from Egypt for hospitals and operating rooms. It improves the patient’s operational facilities, by providing immediate-use medical supplies (one time only).

Natural prevention, cleaning and sterilization supplies: – The company works under the umbrella of green, natural-friendly and harmless materials, including the products of the French / Lebanese company Evemax.

EVERNET Superior is provided for all equipments like personal computers, laptops, LCD screens, jewelry, leather dashboard, airplanes ,..etc – whether in the office or home.

Al-Kulaib Universal Company focuses on development within the framework of fire protection and engineering solutions, but with more emphasis on health and safety as well as building safety. The State of Kuwait is rapidly growing as a civilized country just like other western countries. So too, threats from fire accidents that are also engineering are increasing.

  • In 2001 – Al Kulaib Universal Company was serving every field in Kuwait, including commercial, residential, industrial, oil and gas. Al-Kulaib International Company is an integrated engineering team and considers quality an important element towards its customers, and Al-Kulaib Company had an experience in that in terms of modernizing the fire protection system in the largest facilities in the State of Kuwait such as the International Airport as well as the Al-Hamra Tower

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ASAK Group (Abdullah Sultan Al-Kulaib Group) has grown to the levels of the labor market and here has grown the need for a company through coordination and technology management, and it also confirms the existence of a high capacity for consultation that was needed.
  • In 2008 – Mr. Muhammad Ali Omar Mansour and Mr. Hussam Abdullah Al-Kulaib started a joint project to meet the administrative and technological needs.
  • In the year 1976 – Mr. Muhammad Mansour is the responsible engineer who established the Mechanics Department at Al Kulaib Company, who developed work in the entire Arabian Gulf region.
  • In 1984 – Mr. Mohamed Mansour was appointed as the Area Manager for the famous German company, Total Walt NC, until 1990 and later became a consultant for them.
  • In 1990 – The American Viking Company appointed Mr. Muhammad Mansour as the director of the region to improve their business in the Middle East region due to his continuous efforts for businessmen, which reached a sales volume of 2 million US dollars and 90 thousand US dollars per year only.

Spanish LPG company named him under their business which saw him jump from € 1 to € 1. 8 million euros a year. Nowadays Mr. Mohamed Mansour is well known in the field of consulting in fire protection, safety and environmental field, this high experience and knowledge paved the way in the position of consultant in the famous oil company Mobil Excel, Eastern Egypt and the Oriental Weavers Company …. etc.

Mr. Husam Al_kulaib is brilliant & accomplished businessman and the General Director of the ASAK Group. He is talented and well organized person led the ASAK Group to new heights starting with two organizations and then growing into 6 enterprises in one decade under charismatic leadership and management. Mr. Husam Al-Kulaib is a multi-dimensional personality, there is no field of activity that he cannot be associate.

  • In 1986 – Mr. Husam Al-Kulaib completed his graduation and obtained a diploma in engineering, and began his career as an assistant engineer in communications.
  • In 1987 – He joined the Kuwait National Guard as a Technical Officer for the safety and security of electronic systems.
  • In 1989 – He joined the National Intelligent Academy (National Intelligence Service) in the United States of America.
  • In 1992 – After the liberation of the State of Kuwait, and the death of the late Mr. Abdullah Sultan Al-Kulaib, Mr. Husam Al-Kulaib volunteered to take over the presidency of his father’s commercial standing. He was in charged with a mission in transforming the company into the group’s strategy for research and encouraging the establishment of new projects in the field of business.  By his courage and determination with his counterpart, he was able to establish a company specializing in the business world. He was always striving to reach the top. He rose to prominence among all competitors, making his name in the world of competition.
  • In 1994 – He received several training courses in Cerberus AG in Switzerland for various security and safety systems, and this is what attracted Mr. Mohamed Mansour to cooperate with him and the start of Mansour and the Consulting Clip Company, which led to the cooperation of Mr. Mohamed Mansour with Mr. Husam Al-Kulaib In the consulting office.

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